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Generac Generators

Since 2006, Doug Williford & Son has been selling, installing and servicing Generac residential and commercial standby generators. We can expertly size the generator to your specific needs and loads requirements, be it the smallest 6kW or the largest 150kW generator or in the case of industrials needs diesel equipment to over 500kW. At Doug Williford & Son, we pioneered the use of load shedding controls to reduce the size of generator needed for applications where the load is far above the capacity of the generator.

Liquid cooled low speed commercial models are by far the best choice for any application due to smooth quiet operation and longevity. The air cooled models 22kW and below are much less expensive but have major limitations on how much you can power at any given time.

Standby generators normally run on natural gas or propane and come on once a week to exercise. Any time you lose your power, the standby generator turns on and switches your breaker panel from the lost utility to generator power. When the utility returns, the automatic transfer switch returns you back to utility power and after a brief cool down period the generator shuts down.

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